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  • Civil Law

    We have extensive experience in this area of ​​law, and we study the special circumstances presented by each case.

  • Internalization of Companies

    Sanchez & Paré is the first Extremadura specialized law firm in exporting goods and services to Canada.

  • Mercantil Reported Right

    Particularly in times of economic downturn, have proper advice is vital both for autonomous, small and large companies.”

  • Administrative Law

    We seek to facilitate the administrative process so that our clients can exercise their rights against the government knowing beforehand the different steps that assist in law.

  • Urban Law

    In Sanchez & Paré lawyers are planning, urban provide legal advice from the legal standpoint.

  • Criminal Law

    In Sanchez & Paré our professionals will assume your defense when you are involved and / or charged in a felony or misdemeanor, and receive the best legal assistance in case of a victim of the same.


The firm Law Sánchez & Paré has a unique philosophy: offer the best possible service to our clients.

Civil Law

derecho civil

Civil procedures, cause by their special involvement, receive a special treatment in Sanchez & Paré providing the customers a solution that is more appropriate to its circumstances. We have extensive experience in this law branch and we study the special circumstances of each case in order to find alternatives available for our customers, to make their own decisions having all the information at reach.
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Internalization of Companies

internacionalizacion empresas

Sanchez & Paré is the first Law Firm in Extremadura specialized in exporting products and services to Canada. We know this sector deeply and we provide added value to each of our clients. Our central focus of work is centered to the attention of the business needs and its process of internationalization within the framework of trade relationships.
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Mercantil Reported Right

derecho mercantil

These two branches of the law deal with the legal life of the company along with the self-employed people. All of them form the cause of the economic society. To have the correct advice, precisely in times of economic downturn it is vital for autonomous, SMES and large companies. Thinking about our clients, we work every day looking for the most efficient way of doing their feasible projects, or to solve any kind of problems they have.
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Administrative Law

derecho administrativo

The Administrative Law is the branch of Public Law that contains the legal rules on the activity of the public administrations. In Sanchez & Paré we provide ways for the administrative process to enable our customers to use their rights in relation to public administrations, knowing in advance the different steps they may have to take in law.
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Urban Law

derecho urbanistico

In Sanchez & Paré we are lawyers specialized in urban (town) planning, we also provide legal urban advice from the legal point of view. We supervise the writing of the planning, as well as in the different legal documents including urban replotting projects, until its registration is in the Register of the property.
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Criminal Law

derecho penal

In Sanchez & Paré our professionals will assume your defense when you are involved and/or charged in a criminal offense or fault. As well, you will receive the best legal assistance in the case of being a victim of the same. That is why we are firmly convinced, that in those cases is when our clients will mostly need the advice of specialists, to assume the defense of such properties or rights and representation in the Court of Law.
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Las mascotas dejaran de ser cosas

Este martes 10 de Diciembre el Congreso de los Diputados, ha admitido a trámite la propuesta de Ley que cambiará el regimen jurídico de los animales, pasando estos a considerarse "seres vivos dotados de sensibilidad".

Un padre se enfrenta a 3 meses de prisión por darle una bofetada a su hijo

Solo el titular de la noticia que comentamos ya nos deja perplejos: "un padre se enfrenta a 3 meses de prisión por darle una bofetada a su hijo". Cada vez es más frecuente leer o escuchar este tipo de noticias que generan un debate entre los que se muestran favorables a la moderación y los que censuran absolutamente el castigo físico y que además, no tiene una solución clara en las resoluciones de nuestros tribunales.