The sectors of Agribusiness and Renewable Energy are the two main areas where companies from Extremadura have more “potential” to land in Canada; it’s a country that already exports with “successful” firms in this autonomous region.



This was revealed today at a conference held in Badajoz on the potential of this American country as an importer of Extremadura, where firms already established such as “Bodegas Vitilosa” have explained their case.

The conference organizer Vicente Sanchez, head of the international law firm Sanchez & Paré, told Efe, that companies installed in Extremadura are mainly based on products such as wine, eggs and sausages.

He indicated that currently Canada is a country with a great law and order and economic potential, plus it is in the orbit of Western countries, which makes things easier in relation to other markets such as China, Vietnam or Africa.

In the case of “Iberico pork”, Vicente Sanchez said that several Spanish companies are already established in North American.
Mr. Sanchez said that bidding were being carried out  for renewable energy and that the projects are done with the help of  the Canadian government, right now there are Spanish companies that are already settled there.

“Canada is a country that has done the right thing and it can be very attractive for the Extremanians exporters later on,” said Sanchez.
“Outsourcing should not occur only in a context of crisis, but right now, when it is harder to sell in the country, it is a good opportunity to sell at others,” remarked Vicente Sanchez.


Translated by: Sanchez & Paré